Point A to Point B.   Digital drawing, 2016.

Point A to Point B. 
Digital drawing, 2016.

Getting from point A to point B looks & is different for every person. People will ask me, "when did you know you wanted surgery?" I always knew I felt different. I felt different in a broad general way that was hard to define & as I grew up, my breasts came in, grew, and grew, and grew-and by the time I was in my 20s I very privately, secretively wished I could make them disappear. I didn't actually believe that having top surgery was even an option for me. I didn't let myself consider it or even think about it for fear of being let down. Fear of getting my hopes up. I hid the idea of either a breast reduction or top surgery away -in the far corners of my mind & my heart. I thought I could ignore it & be okay. I was so absolutely wrong & cruel to myself-hateful, negative, and so ashamed of my body for twenty years. After wrestling with what it meant for me in terms of my gender identity & my own personal body image, I decided I needed to have surgery. This December 12th it will be one year post op for me. Although I'm a new arrival at Point B-Ive never ever been happier to "B" here!