"Identity work" is a descriptor often used by sociologists, psychologists, therapists, and wellness practitioners to indicate how a person relates to, expresses, categorizes, and informs others of their identity. Identity work can be physical, verbal, behavioral, symbolic, emotional, and always is deeply personal and/or relational in some way.

I use it here as a nod to the years I've spent in therapy working on my own journey to self actualization and as a way of categorizing the expansive body of work that I've created over the past 20+ years.

You'll see collections of photographs and art that relate to specific points of time throughout my life. Some items are film photographs that have been scanned and arranged, others are digital image files taken over many years that explore my journey through gender, sexuality, and identity. 

Collections include: 

  1. Self Portraits 
  2. Performing Gender 
  3. Top Surgery 
  4. Recovery 
  5. Art and Illustrations 

If you have any questions about the work or would like to know more, please reach out

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