Slideshow photos by Kersh Branz, Meg Allen, and Abigail Nance.


Kersh Branz is a nonbinary artist, photographer, writer, speaker, and influencer based in San Francisco, California. 

Kersh is a passionate advocate for queer families, the arts, education, and inclusion and is available to speak to both large and small groups about identity, creating art through trauma, healing, and other topics relating to gender and sexuality. 

Kersh has over 12 years of industry experience working as a photographer. They have worked with a variety of publications, organizations, and individuals throughout the U.S. and the world. Their photography work focuses on portraiture, weddings and events, the arts, and curated projects. 

In 2014 Kersh created their first independent portrait series called, The Pride & Joy Project that focuses on queer mothers, transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary parents and their families. The work seeks to increase visibility and social equity for queer parents. The Pride & Joy Project has been featured in numerous publications, interviews, and pieces including O! The Oprah Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, and more. In 2016 Kersh created the facebook group, Queer Parents (formerly called, Queer Mamas*) that is a vibrant online community of over 18,000 people. Queer Parents provides a necessary space for conversation, support, and feedback for queer women, queer mothers, transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary parents and people. 

In 2017 dancer and choreographer Myles Thatcher, invited Kersh to collaborate on a brand new piece called Otherness for The San Francisco Ballet that explores gender and the effects of binaries in the world. Otherness is set to make its world premiere on April 21st, 2018 featuring costume designs by Sylvie Rood, promotional photos by Quinn Wharton, and music by John Adams. For tickets and information visit: Unbound

Kersh is currently producing, writing, and hosting a new podcast called Still Here Still Queer that is set to premiere in the fall of 2018. SHSQ focuses on queer identity and experience and aims to center the stories of transgender, gender nonconforming, gender expansive, and nonbinary artists and individuals in our community. 

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Kersh is available for work as a photographer, speaker, and artist.




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